Pink garlic of Lautrec

Le Gaec des Nauzes

The GAEC les Nauzes family farm (Daydé family) has been growing pink garlic from Lautrec from one generation to the next for more than 100 years.

It is a specialty of the Tarn. Lautrec’s pink garlic was awarded the “Label Rouge” (Red Label) in 1966 and the PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) in 2006. It is the only garlic to have obtained these seals of approval which makes it possible to protect this patented know-how.

Ail rose Label Rouge et IGP

Ail rose Label Rouge et IGP

The production of pink garlic is managed by strict specifications which allow maintaining traceability and high product quality.

Two types of seed are used on the farm:

  • Label certified seed purchased each year from the “Lautrec Red Label Protection Union”

  • And farmed seed, which comes from the previous crop. These bulbs in turn originate from certified seed.

We use 3 varieties of garlic:

  • Forain, the traditional variety of Lautrec.

  • Ibérose.

  • Edenrose.

Two hectares are allocated to its cultivation.

There are 3 important stages in the crop cycle

  • The garlic is planted in December.

  • The garlic scapes (flower stalks) are removed in May.

  • The garlic is harvested at the end of June.

From July to the end of October it is dried, peeled and prepared for sale. 1 to 2 people are employed specifically for this task.

The know-how for cultivating this product is very important and we always work in keeping with long-standing traditions.

  • Gaec des Nauzes producteur d'ail rose de Lautrec
    Gaec des Nauzes producteur d'ail rose de Lautrec

The garlic is cultivated using traditional methods, it’s dried on bars, sorted and painstakingly fashioned by hand into bunches (called “manouilles”) or packed into trays.

There is no antibacterial treatment and most of the work in the cultivation of pink garlic is done by hand such as the removal of the garlic scapes (which allows better development of the bulb), the drying of garlic or the bunching (“emmanouillage”).

On the farm the garlic is handled in the traditional way, meaning it is grouped in clusters or more precisely bunched in the form of a Manouille. Fewer and fewer garlic producers uphold this tradition as it is very time consuming and requires the ancestral expertise that we perpetuate.

Lautrec’s Pink garlic is recognized by its light pink colour, its uniform bulbs and its Manouille. It is sweet and subtle garlic that enhances the flavours of dishes even in small quantities.


We sell our garlic to professional vendors: for any information do not hesitate to contact us! …

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